About Us

Hello! And thank you for choosing Learnapt, the world’s first truly advanced personalised learning system that promotes a lifelong love for learning. Our books and software allow learners to learn in ways they enjoy the most, and bring about a long-term and all-round improvement in their performance. Besides learning from comics, quizzes, pictures, games, videos, songs and other audio clips, or articles and other text, Learnapt users will also develop higher-order thinking, writing, and speaking skills with activities like Agree or Disagree?, Food for Thought, Discuss and Debate, Ideas for Action, morals, synopses, exercises, and much, much more.

Learnapt is best experienced with learnapt.com, which has a lot more than our books can accommodate. It also has a ‘smart engine’ that remembers what each learner likes or doesn’t like, and serves better content with repeated use. Mentors - parents and teachers - can also see how much of the syllabus the learners have completed, and more importantly, how they are learning - which videos they watch, articles they read, activities they carry out, and questions they answer. And based on this information, mentors can assign specific remedial tasks. Finally, less focus on lecturing groups and even more on helping individuals.

The people behind this project are artists, scientists, teachers, and technologists who have studied and worked in India, the US, and the UK. But more than that, they are a team that believes that joyful and practical education is our birthright.